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1、用蛋清擦拭弄脏了的真皮沙发 1. A leather sofa dirty with the egg white 可用一块清洁的绒布蘸些蛋清擦拭,既可去除污迹,又能使皮面亮光如初。 A piece of clean cloth dipped in some white being polished, can remove smear, and can make the surface bright as ever. 2、用牙膏擦拭冰箱外壳 2. Wipe the shell of the refrigerator with toothpaste 冰箱外壳的一样平常污垢,可用软布蘸少量牙膏逐步擦拭。若是污迹较固执,可多挤一些牙膏再用布重复擦拭。冰箱即会规复光亮。由于牙膏中含有研磨剂,去污力异常强。 The general fouling of the shell of the refrigerator can be wiped slowly with a little toothpaste with a soft cloth. If the stain is more stubborn, you can squeeze some toothpaste and then wipe it again with the cloth. The refrigerator will be clean and clean. Because the toothpaste contains abrasives, the decontamination power is very strong. 3、黑萝卜擦摒挡台 3, white radish rubbing table 切开的黑萝卜搭配清洁剂擦洗厨房台面,将会发生意想不到的干净结果,也能够用切片的小黄瓜和胡萝卜替代,不外,黑萝卜的结果最好。 The cut radish and the cleaning agent scrub the kitchen counter will produce unexpected cleaning effect, or slice cucumber and carrot instead, but white radish is the best. 4、酒精洗濯毛绒沙发 4, alcohol cleaning Plush sofa 毛绒布料的沙发可用毛刷蘸少量稀释的酒精扫刷一遍,再用电吹风吹干,如赶上果汁污渍,用1茶匙苏打粉取净水调匀,再用布蘸上擦抹,污渍便会消退。 The sofa with plush fabric can be washed with a brush of dipped brush and a little diluted alcohol. Then it will blow dry with electric hair dryer. If it is on the fruit juice stains, mix it with 1 teaspoons of soda powder and water, then wipe it on the cloth, then the stain will decrease.55402com永利

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